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Party & Coalition Constitutions

Posted 16 days ago

Please find below the following constitutions (Sinhala):   SLFP - click here   UNP - click here   UPFA - click here   (This is not an exhaustive list - please email any other documents you have to surekha@veriteres...

Who really controls the UPFA nominations?

Posted 20 days ago

The looming nomination deadline on 13 July has drawn attention to the power struggle within the UPFA coalition. On reading the UPFA constitution, I will show that President Sirisena’s power to singularly drive nominations is limited and that his contr...

UPFA Constitution

Posted 22 days ago

  Click here to read the UPFA constitution (Sinhala).       



Re: Maithri Meter –

Posted 8 days ago

Listen and share:-

disgustman Reply

Re: Who really controls the UPFA nominations?

Posted 15 days ago

After reading the composition of the UPFA, I suspect president Sirisena...

Upasiri de Silva Reply


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